Direct Legislative Advocacy

At Wendelboe Consulting, we combine a rich history of experience and an unmatched knowledge of the process to best serve our clients' interests.  Whether it's seeking new legislation, stopping harmful legislation, or working to amend existing legislation, we are there to develop and implement the best strategy for you.  Out legislative advocacy services include:
        *A review of all newly introduced bills in order to identify those relevant to each client

         *an electronic bill tracking system which allows us to send reports when relevant bills are introduced and when they are scheduled for hearings

         *consultations with clients to develop positions on new legislation, as appropriate

          *Representing the client's goals and objectives before the Governor, Executive Council, members of the Legislature, Commissions, and state agencies, as necessary

           *working with coalitions toward the advancement of the client's agenda

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Coalition Building

Government affairs advocacy is most effective when an industry speaks with a united voice on an issue.  Finding consensus among diverse members of any industry on legislative or regulatory principles can prove elusive.  Wendelboe Consulting will reach out to industry associations and their advocates to build consensus and to insure commitments are kept when the agreed upon legislation goes before the legislature.  This is a vital resource whether dealing with a corporation's interest, special issue group, or an industry association.
Legislative Monitoring

Knowledge is Power!  Just want to have a handle on what legislation is being filed that "may" impact your industry but don't want a full service contract?  Wendelboe Consulting offers a nominal fee contract for monitoring proposed bills  and will notify you of pending issues that would affect your issue.  Then you can decide if you need to contract for more extensive services to respond to the legislative action.
Hearing Preparation

Delivering effective testimony before the legislature or agency is the single most important factor in securing legislative success.  The wrong body language, comparative example or answer to a question can mean the difference between success and failure.  Wendelboe Consulting can effectively deliver testimony on behalf of our clients or prepare the client to deliver testimony themselves, whichever is most effective.
Legislative Strategies

Having someone in state, on the ground, with intimate knowledge of the process and legislative players is critical in mapping out a strategy for success.   Gathering information on who to talk to, where to find them, when to meet them, and what to say, is time and labor intensive.  Knowing the political landscape, the legislative leaders in each policy area, and the best way to navigate your issue through the system is what Wendelboe Consulting can provide with great expertise.  Our relationships and network of contacts throughout  government enables Wendelboe Consulting to see both sides of the issue,,,from your viewpoint as well as the elected official's constituency. 

Political Briefings
Wendelboe Consulting is a respected source of information on legislative sessions and and the anticipated agendas of the various political factions.  We bring significant experience and success in predicting political outcomes on the issues that matter to our clients.

Employee Political Awareness Training/Political Series
Under this contract, services include a package of in-house training for your employees to make them more aware of how legislative action affects your industry.  We will present training sessions to your employees interested in opting-in for a series on how the state legislature works, how a bill is introduced and becomes law.  Employees will be made aware of how to effectively contact their elected representatives to advocate for their employee/business.  Additionally, Wendelboe Consulting will arrange for Presidential Candidates to visit businesses interested in this program to continue your employees access and input with political leaders.